August 29, 2012

And so it has begun

2 years ago I was a nervous wreck walking around Trinity's campus. 1 year ago I didn't think I would be starting my junior year at Trinity. 2 years ago I packed up my Juke and headed to Illinois.

But here I am.  A junior Troll, programming chair of Student Activities, and living in Tibstra. My devotions this morning were about hitting rock bottom and falling on Christ's because he is our foundation. I can say I've hit rock bottom a couple times in the past year, but I am so thankful that Christ is my foundation because  he has put me in the position I find myself today.

 I find myself living with my best friend, developing new relationships with my roommates, and almost excited to learn again. I find myself ready to provide opportunities for other Troll's to enjoy Trinity like I do with activities on the weekends. I find myself looking forward to the year that is before me. (And oddly, I find myself with some nerves!)

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  1. Cute pictures! Great post. We are going to have a good year :)