August 21, 2012


Campus is quiet. Like abnormally, weird quiet. Any other week I think I would be rejoicing in the quiteness. But today, it feels weird.

My mom and I drove 27 hours straight on Wednesday. That put us in Palos around 11 pm Thursday. We were able able to entertain ourselves for the most part, but I know both of us were pretty tired of it after the first day.

I am all moved in and I know that I should put pictures up but only 2 out of the 5 roommates are moved in so it is not very cute or homey yet. I had to move in early because I am a programming chairman of the Student Activites on campus. Right now I am getting a feel for things but it should be a good opportunity for me. And I cant wait to see how God will work in my heart this semester. He did some pretty crazy things last year so at this point I have no idea what it will be.

I cannot wait for this campus to be filled with all the other students noises. Freshman move in on Friday!

Enjoy a few last summer pics.

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