August 11, 2012


I did it! I made it through my first event without any misspelled name tags, forgotten packets, and without any  super un-happy people. What a relief.

Friday was the annual SHADE (Southwest Horticultural Annual Day of Education). It was the project that I had been working on all summer long at my internship with Arizona Nursery Association. I was blessed to work under Cheryl who has been planning this events and many other events for 20 years. Talk about a great teacher, seriously, I learned more things from her than I ever will from a textbook. A lot of my "teaching moments" (which were always begun with that statement) were the simple things like how to use a printer or copier the way you want it to work, or unpacking the event planning terminology. I also got to work with Susan who did a lot of the particular work for the education part of the conference. She is an amazing proof reader and writer. I got to expand my vocab and improve my grammar a lot. That was cool. (Along side of that I got to enhance an obituary... how many interns can say that!)

I also got to form a lot of relationships in the industry and increase my knowledge on gardening. What a bonus, networking while having fun. What more could I have wanted.

We got to the Glendale Renaissance Hotel Thursday afternoon to set up.

 This 'Plant Something' display was beautiful. One of our local nursery man set it up to advertise about the imitative Cheryl has been working on for a year now. How cool would it be to to have all these garden accessories!

 One thing I have learned from these two ladies is that there is always time for fun, even in the work space. We always had fun from our lunch breaks, to working registration which can be quite dreadful. My take away from these two: Your going to be around each other a lot while working in the same office so why not make it enjoyable. 
 The MARKETPLACE where our small trade show and lunch was held. The hotel did an amazing job of setting this up. 

Day of pics!
Ok, I know this isn't the best picture, but I was really excited that my parents took the time to visit me. 
After a long day ANA always has a party. It was fun to hang out with everyone without work to do. They also give out a "cheese" award. Which is there fun way of recognizing a committee member who worked extra hard. This year I was awarded with it. I was so surprised. 

I am so thankful that I got to be apart of ANA and can't wait to use what I learned on Trinity's campus as part of Student Activities. 

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