July 28, 2012

Dear Ecuador

(I promised a while ago to write a reflection on my time in Ecuador. I know this time seems like its gone and done, but I think about my experience everyday. I know its short, but sometimes its hard to say it all).

Thank you for teaching me what it is like to live in a country where I do not have it all.
Where all things may not be always planned out. And making me realize when things 'just happen' it can be more fun then actual plans.
Thank you for teaching me to lower my standards of living; and in turn be able to appreciate those higher standards more.
Thank you for making me more culturally observable. And for making me less ethnocentric.
Thank you for giving me memories that I can connect with one word; because no longer is a orange water jug just a orange water jug. Rather, it makes me remember filling up juice cubs for VBS in the jungle. No longer is 'tubing down the river' something you just do in Arizona. No, I remember it as swimming for my tub after getting knocked out of it in a massive river in Mishuashi.
Thank you for taking my nerves away about living with five girls this next semester.
Thank you for immersing me into different conversations than tuition, who said what, and Troll pride. But putting me into conversations of missions, community, and discipleship.  
Thank you for providing me with a beautiful view every morning from the rooftop and leaving me with the appreciation of having hot water everyday.
Thank you for giving me a challenge each day with the language. All the while opening my eyes to the realization that even Moses had a speech impairment but did some amazing things in-front of Pharaoh.
Thank you for giving me a time of heeling, growth, and discovery about myself.
Thank you for being a pain in the butt sometimes.
But most of all, thank you for being you; with your trolleys, hills, fresh markets, and yummy bread; I will forever miss you, but you will forever be in my heart.

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  1. I love this, Victoria :) So many good thoughts and lessons :) I like looking back at your posts from our time in Ecuador... it is good to remember, and you have such a great perspective on it all! I hope you're doing well... have fun going back to Trinity!