September 24, 2012

Its a winner

The smell of chicken tacos filled my whole dorm building. I was struck with the proud feeling that the yummy scent was coming from our room.

I attempted my first slow cooker meal last Thursday. Chicken tacos, with rices, and a salad (provided by Abby!). I have to say I think I did pretty good, but I am realized that slow cooking is in fact very easy... That is of course if you have a real can opener (shout out to my mother with giving me difficult can opener). 

 The night was so special because it was the first time all 5 of us were together outside the caf. We did our 'high and lows' of the day and were able to take a break from life for a little bit. I felt like I was in Ecuador again. Such a great feeling. 
 It was amazing what a little green chiles, diced canned tomatoes, and salsa can do to chicken. It was a really great reward after a long day. It is also amazing how full that table got with all of us around it. So much goodness always happens at a dinner table. I can't wait for one of my own in the future. 
 To finish the night off we got free dessert at Chick-Fl-A. Not sure why but all Trinity students got the deal. So of course we headed that way after dinner. My friends were blessed with extra free goodness; the server made to many chocolate shakes and gave it to them. How sweet! 
It amazes me how easy slow cooking is. It always amazes me how much joy food, good food, brings me, and my friends. Its something that we all can relate to. Its something that we all can converse over; despite our differences in types of food we all like to eat. And for those few minutes we are able to put aside the long lists of 'To Do' and actually be engaged with one another.

  That is something to be grateful for. 


  1. Your tacos look great. It has everything in it and I'm pretty sure there were no leftovers that night. Great post and article too.

  2. I like this post. Your suite is so cute. Also, I have a can opener you are more than welcome to use any time ;)