September 29, 2012

Check marks

It is no secret that I want to be an event planner. The personality trait comes out in me way to often when I am thinking about my day. I am constantly planning what time I should be doing x, then y, and z. I get anxious when I don't make it 'on time' to the little timer in my head. It always seems to go off earlier then it needs to. Its like a broken alarm clock. When I think I don't have enough time for something I get annoyed with the project in front of me and eventually wasting (the actual) time I have.

College life seems to be marked with productivity. I am always asking "How's your day been, do anything productive?" It hit me the other day, why do I have to rate the well-being of my day by the amount of boxes I am able to check off of my planner? Why do I have to feel accomplished by getting things done?

So then, when I lie down for bed at night, and think about my day, what can I rate it with? I know that productivity is self-focused, so what is something that is other focused and which really makes a difference in the community I live in?

I am still thinking about it and I know that it sounds like the cheap answer but I think its love. I want my answer to "How was your day?" to always be a "good"; with my internal thoughts being about the amount of love that I have been able to show...challenging I know, but its something I want to work toward


  1. I think Paul would agree with you: " But now faith, hope, love, abide these three; but the greatest of these is love." I Cor. 13:13 And it's okay to check off a few boxes here and there....just don't let that be the sum of your life. God bless!

  2. whoa girl that was deep. love it and love YOU! so how was your day today? ;)