April 12, 2012


Lately, I have been learning a lot about guys. We have an interesting (interesting as in really your in college?) group of guys here, and with some current events in my life I have been able exposed more to what guys are like. I also have a 10 minutes presentation on 'machismo' in Ecuador. All of these things have lead me to want to write about some pretty great guys in my life who are stuck with me not matter what. So here is another chapter in my dutch story.

Meet: Gerrit Thys and Jason David. These are my two older brothers. Thys is 21 and Jason is 29 (will be 30 on Saturday).

 First, Jason. I have seen my brother go from just being my brother to being a father. He has 3 children, Dean, Addy, and Gavin. I have seen my brother go through dating in high school to meeting his bride. I got to be in his wedding (which I thought was the best thing ever), babysit all his kids, and enjoy just some good 'ol sibling time. I feel like because I am growing up I get more opportunities to see my brother outside of his daddy position. I see the love he has for Melissa and know that is what I get to look forward to someday. I love when we have family dinner's and I get to see my brother relaxing off of the dairy. But, I respect how hard he works. I love that my brother is not afraid of being ambitious. He is always fixing something on the dairy, creating something for his house, or taking his family camping. I remember my brother playing soccer in high school. I was about 6 (I think) and I don't think I ever missed one of his games. My mom would bundle me up, and we would sit on those crazy bleachers for the whole game. Then he got a scholarship to Trinity Christian to play there. It is because of him that I ended up going to Trinity. I knew the first time that I visited him at college that I wanted to go there. Jason was the first in our family to get a motorcycle, and to start wake boarding. 2 things that I love to do. I remember riding in his red Firebird, going down Broadway, with the corn fields on each side. I am thankful that I have an older brother, who I respect, and has a family that I can be part of. I can't wait to create more memories with my brother now that I am not a teen anymore. 

Next met Thys. Some people call him Gerrit, but I have always called Thys. Boy, where do I start with him. I have been able to learn a lot from Thys. Last year he transferred to Trinity and I am eternally grateful for his decision to switch schools. I have been able to get to know my brother in a whole new light. Thys and I are pretty close in age which sometimes creates conflicts. But, I wouldn't change that ever because I got to share high school memories, and still creating memories with him in college. Thys can be a little quiet at times, but he is pretty funny with his smart comments. He has endured my crappy attitude in the morning while driving me to high school. He has taught him self the ability to have selective hearing because I would talk his ear off (or just act completely annoying). He has had the heart to do what he wants and do things a little different than the Van  Hofwegen way. I will always remember our 27 hour drive back from Illinois this past winter. I will always remember him chasing the boys away from me in grade school. If I ever needed him he would get his group of friends and run the kid away. He is still doing that for me, protecting me from other boys. I remember Thys and I getting into trouble when we were little. We would have to sit in the corners because we fought, but those memories are balanced by playing 'guns' in the backyard and basketball on the court. I am thankful that Gerrit doesn't mind me asking about guy advice, helping me with my car, or comforting me in the middle of the night. Even though sometimes we watch TV and don't say anything I would never want to change that silence for him not being around.

My brothers have taught me a lot about love, respect, and fun. I will always be thankful my brothers are in my life. I couldn't imagine my life without these two men. 

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