April 15, 2012

Chinese, forts, and dancing

This weekend is coming to an end. It is not a bad thing, but I really enjoyed myself this weekend.

What made it so good? I finished my 7 mile run without fainting or having breathing problems. (Last training season I had really bad breathing problems). I was able to enjoy some of the girls company in a quiet house all day Saturday. We were recovering from Friday night salsa dancing. For a cultural experience, study abroad took us to a restaurant bar salsa club. It was a lot of fun and I got a free juice. What a deal! Salsa dancing made me want to go line dancing so bad. I hope that I can go when I go back to Trinity next semester. Saturday night the girls ordered Chinese food, but that was kind of a disappointment. Only in Ecuador will you get fries with your sweet and sour chicken. (That makes me think of the Tim McGraw song "Want fries with that"). Then we had the best idea to make a fort in our living room. I haven't made a fort in such a long time so this was a lot of fun. We used about 20 sheets, our dining table, chairs, and couches to complete the beauty. We watched a movie, ate popcorn, and slept in it. I really enjoyed doing something different in the house with the girls.

Sunday was another chill day. After being blessed at church I was able to complete more Spanish homework, and go for a small walk. Today was the first time I found myself in the house alone. That is right. No other girl was in the house. I found it a little strange, but it was also a nice feeling to be alone. One thing that I am going to take home from this experience is that knowledge that I need alone time. I can't wait to find places during the summer where I can reflect and praise God. Another blessing of today was there was sun, a sunset, and no rain (not yet at least we have a couple more hours left). I enjoyed the sunset while doing a workout on the roof. I am always blown away by God's creative hand when it comes in the form of a sunset. Even though it was really little I was so thankful for it.

I am currently sitting on the ground writing this( due to having no couch) with a slight weary heart. I just want to let my Trinity friends know that I am thinking about them during this time. I know April can get long and it seems like things are a little crazy over there. I know nothing, but from the thoughts on other blogs I feel like everyone needs to treat them self to something sweet. Hang in there ladies of Tibstra and South. I love you all so very much. Know the Lord is with you always.

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