April 6, 2012

April showers bring...

It has been awfully rainy here. I guess that means April is upon us. What else does April bring for me? Easter. Which could mean homesickness. But I am trying my best to not let that happen.

Ecuadorians take the Holy Week very serious. There were only a few children at the daycare because a lot of the parents had the week off. I did not work today or did I have class. Almost the whole city shuts down because of Good Friday. Only a few tienda's (little convenient shops) were open and many of the restaurants were closed, including the Italian restaurant we wanted to eat at for dinner. Many of the students immersed themselves in a culture experience today. We went down to Old Quito to watch a Catholic processional. Some of the people walking in the processional were wearing purple outfits, and others were carrying crosses. From my understanding, they believe that they have to still repent of their sins. So they whip themselves, walk barefoot, carry heavy crosses, and put barb wired fences around there bodies. Thousands of people flock to see this Ecuadorian tradition. This meant, a lot of pushing and shoving, no personal bubble, and a strong sun beating down upon my white face. Thankful, I had a scarf, and a nice women that lent me some of her shade. I thought the processional was going to be more intense then it was, but I am still glad I went to this culture event.

Not very much happening tomorrow. But on Easter we are putting together a Sunday brunch after church. I am excited that all the students will be getting together around food. I hope that it will fog my mind even more. That way I do not think about my traditions at home.

What else does April bring for me? Well, my mother and I decided to run a half marathon in May and September. So, even though I have been doing a lot of running already, April starts my training for the half in May. Tomorrow, I am suppose to run 8 miles. Hm... I am not sure how that is going to go, especially because I had ice cream tonight. (I figured I needed a weekend treat). I am nervous, but I have a running partner so I hope we can pull each other through. I am a little nervous of mile 8 because of my last experience while training (see http://mydutchstory.blogspot.com/2011_07_01_archive.html). But, I am hoping that it goes better tomorrow.

April also brings the last full month that I am here. This means I only have 3 more Spanish classes, 2.5 weeks of internship, one last short term missions trip and than in May a beach retreat. When reading that over again it seems like April will go very fast. I can't believe that Lent is over tomorrow, Easter is on Sunday, and that in 33 days my feet will be walking on American soil again.

I know April will probably bring me tears, frustration, aches and pains, but I know that I will also be provided with more laughs, community dinners, taxi rides, movie nights, and pillow talks. For those are the moments that make the months here go so fast.

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