March 15, 2012


Today, I got a compliment in Spanish. What a small triumph that was very much needed. My professor said that I did better today (actually said in Spanish so it took me a minute to realize what she said). Spanish class is a very big struggle for me. However, the past 2 weeks have been a little better because we got a new teacher, who practices patience, and helps her students. I have learned having the right attitude before I walk into the classroom makes a big difference. I have only wanted to cry in class once the past 2 weeks. That is a big deal. Don't get me wrong, I still feel like I took a 2 hour exam after class is over, because I am so drained but I don't dread doing the homework. I think it helps only having Spanish class twice a week.

Other small triumphs that help me is realizing that this is actually an Study Abroad program. Ya, it kinda just hit me the past week that I have to study a lot more then I was. So my academic triumphs are: getting 2 papers done 2 weeks in advance.

Another triumph, I ran at 6 am yesterday for 40 minutes. Yup, I got up before the sun did; which is rare especially when it comes to running. But that meant less black fumes were going into my lungs. (I only did this to prepare for a 10K me and my friends are running on Sunday).

The final triumph to note was getting the kids at my internship to listen to me. I was able to get them lined up after using the bathroom. Taking 5 two and three year old kids to the bathroom is a task in itself. Then add the language barrier and only 2 working toilets to the mix and you have chaos. I was only able to communicate to them by God's power.

I am thankful for the little triumphs that add up each week. Because of those little triumphs I feel like I am getting the hang of everything. Sadly, we move out of our home stays on Saturday. I know a new routine will have to be made. But, every time that happens I learn how to lean on God's strength even more and enjoy the small triumphs even more.


  1. Thanks for sharing your good news! So great to hear about your triumphs. :)

  2. I love that you understood the compliment! So sorry you're leaving your Quito "family" - have fun with the 10K!