March 16, 2012

Road to internship

Today, I decided to take my camera out again. This time these pictures tell the story of how I get to my internship each day. Pictures of the actual internship will be posted next. 
First up, is about a mile of art. Last month it was birds, this month they are masks that represent Carnival (the holiday we celebrated at the beginning of the month). I think they are kinda scary, but the art work on them are super intense. 

I know this picture is kinda pointless, but if you look toward the left you can see a pathway. This goes around the park that I run around everyday. The park is called Parque Coralina  

Next, I arrive to my metrobus stop. It looks like that. I get on by a stadium (to be honest I forget what the stop is called, I just know its that one). 
This is inside the metrobus. Much much different then the trolley. For one, this picture is taken sitting. I've never sat on the trolley, and I would never take out my camera. This metrobus is normally not to busy but today it was even more so. I ride this bus for about 15 minutes. 

I then arrive at the Ecovia station. It looks a little bit like this, but there are 3 rows of bus pick up stations and road. This is where you can inhale a whole lot of black fumes, all sorts of people, and drool over some Ecuadorian food. Don't know if my stomach could handle that stuff though so I think I will stay away. 

That's what I normally look like when I go to the internship. Hair pulled up because I don't want to get lice, v-neck, and jeans, with the same shoes. It gets super boring, but working with kids anything can happen. So I've learned to keep it pretty basic. Today I had my backpack because I had class after internship, but normally I don't like to carry it.

I wait for another bus to take me to the actual internship. That is a 10-15 minute ride. It takes me about 50  minutes to travel, depending on how fast the buses come and how fast I walk. But it is worth it because I get to see the kids smiling faces when I walk in.

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