March 16, 2012


These are the little faces that I get to see Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Aren't they so cute? I love them all. Each one has their own personality and I am beginning to learn about the more. Sadly, I know more of the kid's names who tend to be more mean. Like Matthew (pictured below) who bit me today. He's not normally a biter but he did not like that he couldn't play with the wood underneath the bed. And Cristofer (pictured on the left) normally is pretty good but sometimes has his moments. Today was a good day for him.

The kids were getting ready for snack time. Its normally pretty crazy during lunch and snack time. But they are always well fed at the daycare. I want to remind you that these kids are not orphans. Their parents work at the trash site. They learn here and are well taken care of. Most of them realize that to. Which is a really good thing because they like it at the daycare.

 Sometimes we get to go to the park. Which is just right up the hill, has a swing set and another little play area. The past week it has been super sunny so Ashley (left) and I have been soaking up the sun as much as possible. Today, Sebastian (2 up) wanted a ride on my shoulders. Boy, they are tired now, but it was fun pretending to be a horse for a while.

This is the view from the park. The workers had a meeting  today which is why they are gathered below. The daycare is the building on the left of all the people. I have been really enjoying my time at the daycare. It makes the long trip there well worth it. 

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  1. i LOVE reading about your time in ecuador! looks like you're loving it. i about cried when i read this one though. my internship was at the same daycare! seeing those little faces brings back so many memories! i'm not sure how long you've been there but you are going to learn so much! christopher and matthew were there too when i was there! i'm not sure if you're there when diego, justin, and joseph are there but they were my little boys :) LOVE all the updates!