March 10, 2012

9,000 feet

I want to bake so bad! I want homemade cookies that are hot, gooey, and full of chocolate chips. 

So I tried to do my best to re-create delicious cookies, but I think it was kinda a fail. Even though I had an end edible product it still wasn't like at home. Baking at 9,000 feet is really hard. Especially when Ecuador doesn't sell baking soda (people use it as a drug) or chocolate chips. Then add a small and new kitchen into the mix and you have a big fat mess. 
Before I got to this point, I dropped about 4 cups of flour on the ground. That was right before my RA (who aided me in the half the process) said "lets use the other bag so we don't have to open this one." Well little did we know that bag was already opened.
Before the next picture I forgot to add the salt. Thankfully there are worst things to be forgotten, but I already was down 1 ingredient. 

I cut a bar of chocolate into chunks. I needed at least 1 more bar. The cookies were not sweet enough. Another challenge was changing the recipe from grams into cups or teaspoons. And making sure I halved it right. Thankfully my RA is pretty smart and helped me out on that one. Most of you know I am terrible with numbers!

Here are the cookies. I will say I am happy that they were not flat like I thought they were going to be. But, the picture is deceiving; they look better then they were. At least in my opinion. But nothing can go bad when you add ice cream to it. So I served them warm with ice cream. JuanSe ate pretty much the whole batch. But I was totally fine with that. I am glad that they liked them. I just wish I could make cookies for them at my home.

If anyone is coming to Ecuador in the next couple weeks- I'd love some baking soda, chocolate chips, and  a really big homemade breakfast. 

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