March 24, 2012

The Islands

This weeks adventure lead us to the Galapagos Islands. What an adventure it was. We left Wednesday morning and came back today (Saturday). We did not know what to expect for the weather so I packed both cold and warm weather clothes. Turned out March is really hot on the islands. Worse then Phoenix because it has humidity. The hot weather made me actually like the sand and salt water. We stayed on Santa Cruz then took a two hour boat ride to Isabala for one day. 

 Because I made this my vacation I decided not to bring my running shoes and I ate ice cream. I think I had ice cream every day expect today. YIKES! I think I had my fill of yucky food for the next couple weeks. I did have the best mocha (moka in spanish) and coconut ice cream on this island. We were well feed again because we stayed in a hostal. I think when I get home I do not want to eat rice for the next year. We get served rice for each meal. The beaches were great, the sun was extremely strong, and friendships continued.  Ashley and I had a ton more laughs while soaking up the sun and then trying to hide from it.

 God creative hand was at work in these islands. It looked a lot like Arizona but green. There was a cactus right beside the ocean. It was so strange. We meet a group of men who were boating around the world in a large canoe without a GPS. They only use the stars and winds. These guys were in their 20's living the life. We played volleyball on the beach with them. It may have been on of my favorite moments in Ecuador. 

My other favorite moment was riding on the 2 hour boat ride. I was able to sit like I am pictured above, have the wind in my face, and admire God's creation. The ocean is so big I cannot believe it. The boat ride reminded me of the lake. We saw a lot of turtles, had a lot of tours, and did a lot of walking. It was fun to travel with everyone but like always I am happy to be back in the house. I guess this was my Spring Break after all. 

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  1. So glad you got a "spring break" - looks like you had a great time!