March 26, 2012


"He is not here, He is Risen!" (Luke 24: 6a)

I really appreciated the sermon on Sunday. For one it was in English, but also I was able to relate to it. Lately the pastor has been dealing with the struggle of letting other people take away his joy. Right away I was plugged in because so often I let others take away my joy.

We have been studying the death and resurrection of Jesus in the past Sundays. (Getting ready for Easter I am assuming). The word "risen" means to be awake. Jesus is not just up but awake (or alive) in me. For just that fact I should always have a happy heart.

I should have joy no matter how many girls are in the house, no matter what got split on my shirt at daycare, and no matter how loud the music is during homework time. Having lasting happiness can be extremely hard when living in this apartment. So much can go against my plans in one night. Homework is hard to focus on and  it can be very hard not to compare myself to other girls in the house. One word can make me on edge sometimes. When I heard the sermon on Sunday I realized that I let people take away my joy way to easy. I let such little things turn my day upside down. By why do I do that? I know that Jesus is alive in me. Why do I forget that he has risen, conquered death and I can have lasting joy just from that fact.

Today I was faced with trying to hold onto my joy. I know I failed at it. I know I was probably a butt to some people, and I did not have a servants heart at the daycare. I am finishing the day wishing I did the morning differently. But I am thankful that I had the Holy Spirit reminding me of the joy I should have. The Holy Spirit was very apparent all day, but it wasn't until around 8' o clock p.m that I decided I should change my attitude. Why did it have to take that long?


  1. This is a lesson I still struggle with - I think it's a good reason to put scripture in your mind and heart so you'll remember how much reason we do have to be joyful! Thanks for the reminder....

  2. Thanks for sharing a great lesson, my friend. I'm currently sitting in lab with a less than stellar attitude, and now am feeling very convicted to walk throughout my day, both in this lab and after, with a spirit of joy. You are a wise one, Victoria. Thanks for always challenging me to live me fully and intentionally for God.