March 4, 2012

The Apartment

This might just be the most self explanatory post yet, but I wanted to share with you pictures of the apartment I am living in. 
This is the living room, plus dinning room. I normally sit in the chair that is closet to the door. And the living room is hardly used, which is weird. But with Ecuadorians, their TVs are never in the living room. Not sure where they put them, but in our house its in Carla's and JuanSe's room. (Also in mine, but only used when JuanSe plays video games in the living room). 

Here is the very narrow kitchen. Where the light is is the window. She has barely enough room to put here pots in so she stores some in the oven when not being used. I think Megan can relate. 

My bedroom, which I'm pretty sure was their office/JuanSe's closet. It is pretty little, but I can't complain. I like it. It gives me comfort after a long day of not understanding people.

This is pretty much the extant of the apartment. I am missing my host parents' bedroom (but that'd just be weird if I took pictures of that) and the little bathroom the 3 of us share. I only have 2 more weeks left with them. Which is super weird because I am finally getting into a routine here with them. I think I will continue to go to their church, even though I can't understand it, I like the people there. I can defiantly see myself living in something like this, especially if I was married and only had my husband. They seem to like it here a lot. 
If the blog looks a little different that is cause it is. I was unintentionally changed it because I am computer handicapped. Instead of doing homework I tried fixing it back to the original state. Let me know if something is totally off.

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