March 6, 2012

A day in pictures

I don't normally take my camera outside the house, for fear of getting it stolen. Today, I felt adventurism and took it with me. I hope these pictures give you a better sense of what I come into contact on Tuesday and Thursdays.
It is hard to see, but the little coffee shop on the corner is called Magic Bean. During our break in Spanish class we go there sometimes. One thing I really miss about the states is good coffee. Even though we are close to Columbia (where a lot of coffee comes from) I have a huge craving for a good cup of coffee. Especially, on that comes from my mom's pot. 

This is from inside our Spanish school. Down stairs use to be a coffee shop but it is no longer there. I think it would've been super cute. And if you know me well you know that I love super cute coffee shops. But also, look at all the greenery. So many vines! It makes me think of my garden.

This is the reason why I run everyday. Actually, that is not entirely true. But all this bread is made fresh everyday. Yum. The best is when you walk in while the bread is baking. It makes your mouth water. For Ecuadorians its very traditional to have bread as a snack, or for their dinner which is around 9ish. Bakery's are found everywhere. This bakery is called GustaPan. We (Study Abroad) students eat here a lot. Pretty cheep, but not the greatest. However, can't complain when you get lunch for $3.10

This picture is of my walk to my house. See that tall building towards the back? That is the building I live in. Pretty cool I think. The street is kinda sketchy, but do not worry Mom and Dad I am on high alert. 

One of the best things about today was I received mail. Yup, 5 envelopes addressed to "Victoria Van Hofwegen" Wow I was not expecting that. To all of you who sent me one thank you so very much. Some were late birthday cards, others were normal cards. But they all provided me with enjoyment. I received one from my grandma. Who, before I left for Ecuador, had a stroke. I felt very special that she remembered I was in Ecuador and my birthday. Reading her letter brought me to tears. I will keep this card forever.

The second best thing that happened tonight was we had the moon. I know it sounds silly but I haven't seen the moon since I got here and it was a full. Which is my favorite. My last pro of today was that the Lord blessed me with great conversation with my host mom tonight. She has such a big heart and loves the Lord dearly. Even though our communication is poor I know she loves God. She has provided me with a lot of encouragement. The conversations held over tea are amazing; a true work of God.

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  1. Wow so cool! I'm glad you took your camera out with you! Love you sis