March 4, 2012

Sunday in the home stay

Today, I was able to enjoy some home made Ecuadorian food and fellowship. The white stuff in the picture is called Mote, the meat is called fritada (pork), and then papa's (potatoes). I don't have a picture with all the sauces on it. Sauces include ajai (spicey), and a tomato and cilantro duo. YUM!.

The view from my living room window, it is especially great with the sun shinning down. A rare occasion in the afternoon. That mountain is Pinchintica. It reminds me of South Mountain at home. The more clear it is, the closer it seems. 
Here I am with my host family, JuanSe (white shirt) and Carla (Pink shirt). Then the guy on top of the couch is Zach (from JBU), a fellow study abroad student with his host parents.
We also had our host parents Casa Gabrilla boys. Casa G helps with boys who have lived on the streets, by giving them a place to live, and a chance to better their lives. They have rules to follow and responsibilities. JuanSe and Carla put their love toward a 19 year old boy name Miguel. It is fun to have another set of family, put I think that my family will never be replaceable. I know that for sure actually. JuanSe and Carla have a lot of love toward the youth. God gave them big hearts and they are using them.
 I am thankful that I got to enjoy some fellowship with people I know a little. JuanSe and Danny (Zach's host dad) played Fifa (soccer for playstation). They were yelling and doing what boys do when they play videogames. That reminded me a whole lot of James and Thys. Still, I am thankful that I could relate to the familiar sounds. 

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  1. Loved the post! I'm glad you took pictures of the apartment to!