January 21, 2012

Its a party, party, party

My parents gave me a wonderful Saturday before I begin my adventure. First, I gratefully slept in (so that means I slept until 8 :). Then we went to a late breakfast where my parents gave me a great surprise. Thys and Megan flew in this morning to join me at my going away party. Yup, they flew in from Chicago to party with me. I guess going away for 4.5 months is kind of a big deal. I was very flustered like I always am when I am very excited. Tonight, I had my family over, including my Grandma Viss, and Grandpa and Grandma Van Hofwegen, to celebrate me going away (do you celebrate people going away?) It was a blessing to have both sides of my grandparents at the party. Also, Angel's family came to. We had chicken burgers, yup that's what we call them, chicken burgers, not chicken sandwiches. We had chocolate pie which is my favorite pie. After we prayed for dinner they surprised me again by saying blowing noise makers and yelling happy birthday. After dinner I had birthday candles on sheet cake. So this party was to celebrate my adventure and my 20th birthday. It is always fun to have people fill this large house. The kids played hard all night, and I think we all ate enough for the rest of the weekend. I am so thankful that I got to spend time with everyone close to me before I leave. Family is such a big deal to me. I am who I am because of my family. Anyways here are some pictures of my special night.

Yup, thats Megan and Thys in my house! 

The two boys are Angel's brothers. Tanner and Aren. 

My father, who has blessed me so much this past month.  
Addy gave me chapstick for my celebration. She even knows I like that stuff, I feel like thats bad. I love this girl. 

This was my special drink of the night!

After dinner we played Cranium with Angel's family. They won.

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  1. Wow, what a party! Full of so many suprises...and blessings. Your family sure knows how to make things festive. I like your new shirt...and your hair is really pretty ;)