January 18, 2012


Whats one thing you think of when you hear the word cupcakes? Maybe chocolate? sweet? sprinkle? tummy ache (ok two words)? But another word I think of when I hear cupcakes is p.j.s. Yup that is right, p.j.s. I am going to tell you about my wonderful cupcake p.j.s that my friends have so wonderfully endured.

My sister Megan got me these p.j.s about 4 or 5 years ago for Christmas. Then years after that she continued to get me some sort of sleepwear including a mu-mu (don't worry that was returned). The only pair that has really stuck around are the cupcakes from Old Navy. They fit just right; easy to slip on, tied perfectly in a knot that will never come out, long enough, big enough and small enough. I have washed them enough that they are extra soft but not fully faded.

These cupcakes come out before I go to bed. So they are not considered lounge wear, and yes there is a difference. They come out when I am having a long day and want it to end. They come out when I just want to be cozy. They come out and stay in my dorm room. At home they come out of my room but only after I wake up. And sometimes they are accompanied by a big blue Xavier pullover that has been passed down through my sisters. When I put on my cupcakes my roommates know that I am about to go to bed. I feel very odd when people who aren't living in my room or are close friends see me in my cupcakes.

My cupcakes have comforted my legs after long basketball games, they have felt many tears, they have a couple stains on them, and they kept me warm (sometimes to warm). My cupcakes provided me with comfort that makes me feel at home.

So friends and family thank you for loving my cupcakes with me. I love that when my friends threw me a going away party they came up with cupcake party hats. That was one thing they knew that I liked. Because most of them had the pleasure of seeing my cupcake p.j.s.

Also, lets give a big thank you to Megan for gifting me with comfort.

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  1. you are welcome.:) I remember buying them!