January 14, 2012


I decided that today would make a beautiful day to enjoy my garden, and I wanted to try out my new camera a little more. So I took pictures of my garden because there has been some additions and growth.

On the right is the tree that has taken over. I had it cut back this week and it looks great. I am not to happy with my lights, but am working on fixing that. The sky looks very wintery in this picture. I love it!  

Above is a picture of a plant that has grown a lot since the summer. Its starting to grow over the pot which I love.

On the right is the rose bush that i saved. Two buds is pretty impressive. I forgot to take a picture of the new rose bush I planted. But it is super boring right now anyways. Also you can see a lot of my garden from this picture. Which I love.

Above is a picture of a vine. The buds have yet to bloom which is weird because they have been closed for a long time. This vine and the two on the right shot up a lot while I was gone. I want the vine above to shape into an arch because it is located by the front gate.

One of my favorite flowers is the poppies like on the right. Its growing kind of funny because its growing toward the sun. My mom planted the poppies and stocks below while I was gone.
I am very proud of this picture on the right. (and on the one above). I think they are pretty artsy if I say so myself. These are the bulbs that hang from my tree. I climbed the tree for this picture!
The sun is setting right now in Arizona. It looks so peaceful outside. Clouds add so much more to the sky. I wish we had them more often.

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