January 14, 2012

Up North

Is the term us locals use when we are saying we are going to Flagstaff, Az. Kay, her two boys, and I took a little trip to the Van Hofwegen cabin up north. It is actually located in  Munds Park which is only twenty minutes from downtown Flagstaff. We left early Thursday morning and got to the cabin around 9 am. We discovered that trying to get the heater to work was a lot more difficult then expected. I'm almost certain that it was colder inside then outside. Finn and Noah loved playing in the snow. Now for all the Chicagoan this snow is nothing like yours. It has been  a while since it snowed in Flag. so the snow is all icy and in very random patches. But there was enough for Finn and Noah to walk around in. I would have been right with them but I forgot my gloves, and if you know my hands (ok that kinda sounds funny) they get very dry and crack in any cold dry weather. So there was no way I was going to stick my hands in that snow. However, I brought my Ugs so my feet had most of the fun. After taking a nap on the couch with my winter coat on I decided that I was sick of having my feet numb. So I took the challenge of starting a fire. I was so proud of it. I thought I had it started. I went to the bathroom and come back and found Finn is trying to stick a stick in the fire place because it died. How disappointing. So I sat back down and for another hour I worked on getting the fire to start. It did nothing but got my face a little warm, and caused a lot of smoke. So I failed at that and I felt super girly that I couldn't start it. Some day I will learn. Kay decided that she needed a drink other then water. So we loaded up the kids and took a little drive to Flagstaff. Got our McDonald's drinks then drove right back.  It was fun though. Even though I have seen the creation up north countless times I am stilled amazed by God's handiwork. We finished the night with spaghetti, Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls, and the movie "Salt." I slept on the couch again freezing, but woke up to Finn sharing his comforter with me. That was sweet and very warm. After having a slow morning and cleaning the cabin we went back to downtown Flagstaff. Kay and I hit up our two favorite stores: Late for the Train coffee shop and the Basement (cute clothing store, actually in a basement). We found a park for the kids to run around in, headed back to the cabin for lunch, and begun the drive back down the mountain. I enjoyed the trip because it felt like winter. Even though I was cold I was cold like your are suppose to be in January. Also, I love watching Kay be a mother. Its fun to see what it might be like for me when I have kids.

I am thankful for the small windows of time that I got to be with my sister and have grown up talks. 

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  1. Such a fun quick trip! I will cherish that time forever. Love you!