December 12, 2011

Public Speaking

COMM 101 with Professor Wolfson

I have to start by saying as much as I did not like this class I think everyone should take a public speaking class. It takes a lot of guts to stand up and say a speech. Especially at 9 am in the morning. My final speech was a persuasive speech called Farmers' Markets vs Grocery Stores. It had to be 8-10 minutes long. I am thankful I got an extension on this speech. I was not prepared when my given due date came. My speech ended up being 8 minutes and 3 seconds. I struggled with the style of teaching used in the classroom but I know the professor loves each of her students. The class consisted of take home quizzes, four speeches, and journals that we never handed in. I do not feel prepared for the Communications Core Test I know I have to take my senior year over this class. That makes me very nervous. I am glad that I got a little better at speech making and that I know how to calm my nerves before I speak. The biggest thing I learned on how to calm my nerves came from Rochelle (who I might add is a fantastic speech giver). She told me to pump yourself up; tell yourself that you are better than everyone is the audience before speaking... It turns out it works pretty good.

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