December 12, 2011

Principles of Marketing

I had an idea about a month ago concerning my classes and this blog. So here it is: I want to write an overview of each of my classes after my final for that class is over. I have taken two finals so far (that is before finals week) so I will begin with my idea.

BUAD 131- Principles of Marketing with James Bilder.

Ok, I will try to be as nice as I can with the class. I just want to say that my book was almost $100 and we did not use it once in class. I know the professor is very smart in his profession but I feel as though I had a hard time learning from this professor. I had this class Wednesday nights- after work- so that may have lead to why I dreaded going to this class each time. I think that I could have learned a lot more from the class but a few things I pulled away from it are:

  1. Marketing is about relationships
  2. Marketers have to be merchants or discontent
  3. The origin of  soda fountains in drug stores 
  4. The Ford Edsel was the biggest marketing mistake made in the Ford company
I did make a new friend in this class, her name is Melanie. I also got to see Ellie each class. We suffered through the terrible jokes, comments that should have not been made by the professor, and the long nights together. I switched my major to Communication Arts, so I will not need this class for my major anymore. Thankfully I get the credits toward electives. 

I think the biggest thing I learned out of this class was 9pm will come no matter how bad the class was going. 

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