December 11, 2011

Going away party

My dear friends put together a going away party for me. I should say it was a surprise. I thought Abby and Rochelle were just taking me out to dinner. Rochelle suggested heavily that I put on a dress and it was a good thing I did. We went to dinner where Abby made 'reservations'- when Abby makes reservations it is a big deal. So we drove to a cute place in Worth, IL called Blackwood Bar and Grill. We walked in the back room and my friends were there- in cupcake birthday hats. I was so surprised, a little flustered, but was so happy. We had a pleasant dinner, starting with highs and lows of our week, and they all had to state the time they first met me. My goal for this week is to post a picture of each girl and state the same thing about them or a big memory with them. After a lengthy picture and conversation time we headed out and looked at Christmas lights. I have been wanting to do this for a while so that was nice. A couple of us went to the BBC to listen to live music and got free cookies. Then we went to Tibstra for games and more treats. I just have to say that I have such a great group of friends. They took time out, on the Saturday night before finals, for me. I could not believe that. I also received a daily encouragement book that I get to have in Ecuador. I can only flip one page a day; I cannot wait to start it. It looks so cute.

This is Kirsten: I met her when she would visit  Decker Floor last year. I thought for the longest time she  lived on my floor. But she really didn't. I also remember thinking she was really good at volleyball. 

Meet Elle: I met her last year on my floor- this is not the best memory but the most closest we sat  through marketing night class this year. We couldn't have done it without each other. She is so pretty!

Meet Allison: Last year she would come over on the weekends and sleep on the ground because we would fall asleep to movies. 

Meet Danielle: I remember last year Rochelle would  talk about her grandmas's cookies, and turns out Danielle always had a ample number of treats in her room from her grandpa. 

This is Lette: You've heard about her, so here is picture. I remember the day after I ran my half marathon she stretched my legs so well. Our relationship has grown since then. 

Say hi to Megan: She does not know this and it might sound creepy, but my first memory of her is when she was moving in and had so much energy. I saw here running around, while looking cute, pushing a shopping cart. This just explains Sprads. 

Here is Abby: I met here when I was standing by my bed the first day we moved in. I told her I liked her hair. To this day I think it is so cute. 

Say hi to Rochelle: Not to copy her memory of me, but I first really met her when I did an interview for  "The Courier." 

The Justine: My first memory of her was asking her if I knew this person or that person the first couple weeks of college. We lived together last year, and she knew everyone. It was great!

This is Anna: I met her while we were slip and sliding on the Sunday before school started. I had her name wrong for the first week. 

Meet Kathy: She lived on my floor last year, but I just remember thinking her and her roommate had such great style. 

This is Sarah: I remember believing with all my heart that she lived on my floor. She lived with Kirsten last year, but we got to know each other better at chapels last year. 
This is Megan Kooima: She to lived on my floor last year. My first big memory of her was figuring out that she was the girl that was referred to as mom of the floor. But also one of my favorite memories with her was going ice skating downtown in January. 

Say hi to Becky: I don't honestly know when we first met, but I know I always saw her around and thought she was really cool. Turns out I was right.

Here are the Decker floor girls from last year. It is so great that we have been able to stay friends while living in different buildings. 

Here is the group of girls from tonight.
I had so much fun, the girls looked beautiful, and I am so thankful for all they have meant to me.
I will miss you next semester ladies.
After a long week this was just what I needed. Girls night. 


  1. Hey, we were so happy to have put this together for you!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Rememeber don't get to bummed out about finals, its just a grade. :) You'll do great!
    Love, Sprads

  2. wow victoria! you are so blessed to have such great and beautiful friends. I am thankful to God for putting those girls in your life. Love you!

    ps. i'm glad i got to read about your profs. lol. i literally lol'ed