December 10, 2011

Friday outing

After a long week, Abby and out made a fun but quick outing. We went to Charming Charles (which I could spend hours in) and then went to Qduba for dinner. That was Abby's first time there and she was pleased. We decided she likes it more then Chipotle because it is less spicy. I was trying to take pictures but when I say it was a quick outing i mean an hour and half. We had to get back for front desk, but regardless it was fun to get out for a while. Here are the two pictures of us:
The teller gave me a free drink even though I did not have my student ID. For once Abby had hers and I did not. 

We decided to sport the hats tonight. It was very cold, and it halfway covered our hair. A lot of girls think we are sisters. I'd say we could pass for cousins.
After our outing I met Megan and Jamie for a Starbucks date. They were in my neighborhood for a wedding so I could not pass up seeing them. They are such a great couple, who I look up to, and respect. I had desk from 10-12. And now I am sitting on my bed, my tummy isn't very happy with me, but I am in my cupcake pjs, and holding my monkey. I have had a long week but I am thankful that it is ending with Baby Mama and Abby, Lette, Rochelle and Andreah. I need to study a lot tomorrow so I hope that actually happens.

One week of finals and packing, then I get to go home.

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