December 8, 2011

Ignoring homework, Panera post.

I cannot believe that in one week I will be done with my first semester of sophomore year. I'm sitting in Panera, my backpack is keeping my company, my mass media and society text book and study guide is sitting on the table. They are calling my name out to them to work but again I find my self very uninterested. I want to be done with these studies so much and that's without taking the final exams. My friend Lette and I took a run outside tonight. I think the temperature was in the thirties. But for avid runners like us we put in our gloves and ear warmers and ran The neighborhood behind Trinity has really pretty Christmas lights up on there house. I love driving and looking at Christmas lights, but actually running by them is a lot of fun to. I will be happy when I'm in my home again, however I'm going to miss Trinity. I'm ready to go home though. I need a huge hug from my parents.
Things I have been blessed with this week:
1. Friends- who are always willing to talk and give a hug.
2. A study bible (I actually recieved this a while ago). I have found it very useful this week.
3. My bed. It has provided me with sleep, and comfort in the mornings.
4. Megan. Im so glad she is near me, and is so loving.
5. Telephones
6. Reading 1 Peter 4:8. "Above all, keep fervent in your love for one another, because live covers a multitude of sins".


  1. I'm so glad I have an "avid runner" friend to take runs outside...especially when there are Christmas lights and "coversation pace" involved :)

  2. lol avid runner? I think I need to meet you, Lette, who is a running partner of Vics. ( Between you and Abby Victoria does run alot! )

    Love you sister.