December 12, 2011


Intro to Psychology- Professor Cole

Well, lets just say that I am so thankful that class is over. My final exam was very hard and I was not prepared for it. I did not know how to prepare for it either. Half of the people on the exam I had never heard before. My thoughts on the class are as follow: I made the mistake thinking that class was going to be a push over. I did not take it serious which lead not paying attention in class, and not doing well on the quizzes. Thankfully there were opportunities each week to get easy points. I found myself half way interested when I would pay attention to the lecture. I know I got bored with how the professor was teaching. Every day it was a PowerPoint with Professor Cole explaining the material. Sometimes we would watch clips, which were the most exciting part of the class. I hope I did not mess myself up for not taking this class serious now that my minor is psychology. I know because it was an intro class the professor had to get the whole book in during the semester. I wish we could have learned about some of the stuff more in depth.  Things I learned from this class are:

  1. Conditioned response and stimulus 
  2. Bystander effect
Not good I know. But I have hopes that my classes for my minor will be taught differently and are engaging to me. 

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