December 13, 2011


COMM 325- Public Relations with Professor Navarro

I did it! I made it through my first 300 level class. Normally this level of class is for seniors or juniors but my advisor suggested I take it before I got to Ecuador. I surely hope that I use what I learned there. I have mix emotions about this class. Some days I would find myself interested in the material, but other days it was obvious to me that I did not want to be P.R. agent. The class was well taught everyday was something different. Some days it was straight lecture, or we would free write, or work on our individual portfolios. The individual portfolios  consisted of writing 6 public relations pieces such as: a backgrounder, a biographical piece, press release, pitch letter, planning sheet, fact sheet, and social media content. All of those pieces were written for a small business of our choosing. I chose Dutchview Dairy at my client. I wrote a biographical piece on my dad, and the press release, pitch letter and social media content were about how Dutchview Dairy started using an improved breeding program. I created a planning sheet for a brochure that were create awareness in the community about the business. I got to use the new logo Chip designed on my pieces; I have to admit it all looked pretty legit.

The class as a whole also worked on a P.R. campaign for Trinity's fall play "All My Sons" by Arthur Miller. If any one has the chance to see this play, I suggest taking the opportunity. We worked to create awareness about the play. We worked to get more community members and Trinity students to go to the play. It was interesting to work as class on this project and found it to be difficult at times. I enjoyed the play though, so that was one good thing out of it.

I learned a lot from this class. I think that a lot of learning came from doing. A few things I learned are:

  1. When writing it is important to keep the wants, interests and needs (W.I.N.) of your key public's in mind. 
  2. Objectives (goals) won't happen unless you have tactics (events, promotions).
  3. P.R. like journalism writes in A.P, and there is always an exception to each rule. 
Sometimes I could see why this class would be good for event planning. I hope I get to use my knowledge in the future. 

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  1. PR= Patricia Renee, as in Rochelle Patricia Renee Burks, as in me