November 17, 2011

*"You must be an angel..."

Let me introduce you to another person to my dutch story. You have seen pictures of her before. But I have never really wrote about her... Angel Nicole. She is my favorite cousin, she is my friend, and I will love her forever. Angel is a beautiful young lady, (i'm not sure she'd even like being called a lady, more like a girl would be her description), she can be quiet, but when she gets hyper there is no silence between us. She loves hanging out with her friends, and I love to hang out with her. We grew up together. I would walk to her house, push my scooter, and if I drive the golf cart to her house. We rode the bus together, went to the same church, grade school, and spent every Saturday together. We have spent Every New Year's Eve together, that is until she was able to actually go to party.We would watch movies and eat Sour Patch Kids till we felt gross.  We have decided that we are going to throw an actually party when we are grown up. 

The weekend we had been planning for over a weekend finally came. Angel made her way to Chicago and visited me at Trinity. She was suppose to be come last year, but basketball took over my life. So that did not happen. We went to DCs, shopped downtown, and went sporting events. I had a lot of fun. I'm so thankful for the weekend. Enjoy the pictures!

Our favorite photo by far.

Angels first experience at DCs. She rocked it.  

Breakfast, before she left. Yummy! Also, Angel is very stylish. I love this hat. 

We made a haul downtown!

She is my cousin for life, friend forever.

*Quote from Abby's grandpa when they first meant. I agree, she is super pretty!

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