November 10, 2011

College is weird...

College is a weird thing. Sometimes, actually often, I find myself wondering how I am doing this whole college thing. I often have to stop and tell myself that I am a college student. I am one of those 'college students' that I always heard about in high school. I am one of those students that I always wanted to be. Often times, however, I forget how real what I am doing is. I was sitting in my public speaking class on Wednesday remembering the time I sat in the same room with Megan. At that time I was only a sophomore in high school. I thought I was cool for texting in the class. (don't worry I did my best to hide it, Megan said it was ok). Now, I sit in that class every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I know that the class could be harder, but it is still a COLLEGE class.

College is weird because of the sleeping habits that people form. Why does every one feel the need to stay up after 12pm. I haven't quite grasped that concept yet. I do understand that people work on homework the later it is. But for those who do not have homework, why do they stay up. Then why do people sleep in so late. Half the day is gone when you get up at 10 or 11. I will admit I have given into the habit of taking naps. I survive on naps (o and coffee). I just need 20 minutes, but someday, I'm going to take a 2 hour nap people brag about.

College is weird because of the eating habits formed. Why does the dining hall and the BBC have to serve such nutritional free food? Why is it that after leaving those dining places I am left with feeling hungry still. But then again, while writing this, I can hear voices telling me to think about the hungry man on the street. Despite that, I do feel like the food here has no health benefits. As much as I exercise and watch my portions at dinner I still feel yucky after eating. Then when 11 o clock comes around, I have the internal conflict of whether or not I should eat something because my tummy is grumbling. Almost every night this happens. I try my best to not eat, but sometimes a bowl of cereal just makes me and my tummy a lot more happier.

College is weird because of the extreme amounts of coffee needed to get through the long nights at the library.  If anyone wanted to make me happy, a cup of coffee would do. I take it with cream or black. This is especially true when its wintery outside, or lets be real, anytime of the day coffee is good.

College is good because of the social time. I love to have a good time with other men and women of God. I have found some solid women of God here at Trinity. Especially this year. I am thankful for the new group of girls I have been able to socialize with.

 Tomorrow Angel visits me. The same age that I was when I visited Megan. Crazy isn't it. I cannot wait to show her how college is weird, but definitely a blessing.

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  1. Nicely done. Oh and the reason people sleep in so late is because they stay up so late the night before.