August 2, 2011


After our twelve drive, the Texas crew made it to Lubbock. I didn't get a chance to write again while on the road, so a lot of the small details are kinda forgotten but I had a great time with my cousins and my family.
Our mission in Texas was to hit up all the antique shops in town. I think we did a good job. We had success to.  
The first antique store was closed, which was bummer, but I had to take this picture for my roomie!

After a day and a half in Lubbock we drove to Plainview, Texas. It has been really hot there so this coffee shop was a nice pit stop. I also like the colorful houses in the background. 

 Above: My mom and I inside the coffee place. 
Below: My nephew Noah cooling himself off with ice. 

Our treasures! We had to those things that wheel chairs are normally put on to hold our chairs. We bought it at GeBow's, a farmers store, so we felt less old grandma-y. My sister got the white chair and I got the green bench to go in my garden.

My Aunt Karen is on the left of me, that is who we came to visit. She has two girls that is a few years older and a year younger than me. I had fun getting to know them more.

The next three pictures are of Kay and her kids. They are such a cute family. Finn and Noah did a great job on the trip. We took a stop at an old soda fountain, which is now in a drug store, and the kids were downing that shake. I think they were extra hyper after that. 

My mom and I bought moccasins while we were in old town Albuquerque. I could have bought  all of the styles. They are pretty awesome. This old town was really cool to. It was busy but there were a lot of boutiques that were fun to look in. I can't forget The Vintage Cowgirl. Just ask my mom or sister. Not at all what I was expecting.


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