July 26, 2011

Road trip

My fist twelve hour drive started today. My mom, sister, and two nephews are headed to Lubbock Texas. We are going to visit my aunt and uncle. They moved their dairy from Phoenix to Texas a couple years ago. Nothing to much to report, but we did stop at a breakfast spot in Flagstaff. I guess this place was on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. For being on a tv show it was a little bit of a let down. But it filled my tummy with coffee and pancakes so I was happy. My nephews are getting pretty tired of the ride. The older one( who is 3) can't figure out what we are doing. I guess driving for 12 hours is not the ideal fun time for the little guy. I'm happy to report I have only asked for one bathroom stop this whole trip. Granted all 4 other times I was the first to go to the toliets. We are somewhere in Texas, the landscape is pretty flat and I think we have 3 hours still... Lubbock here we come

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