July 18, 2011

Sweat and Dirt

It has been a few weeks since I talked about my new summer ambitions. Well here is an update. I have yet to take pictures of my garden, but I promise its real. I have added a hibiscus tree, a snail vine, and little yellow flowers that I'm not sure what they are called. I put the vine and yellow flowers in the corner where my sunflowers were. My sunflowers died, well the only two seeds that came up died. I'm pretty sure they did not get enough sun. I guess that is why they are called sunflowers. I was very sad about my sunflowers so I bought small yellow ones to replace them. I got the snail vine to make my garden more lush. I woke up last Saturday early (I know roommates I still get up early on Saturday) and planted them. But I wasn't sure what I was doing with the vine, so I ended up pulling the root out of the black buckets plants are always in. I figured that wasn't a good thing but I still tried planting it. I'm sad to report that my vine is not doing well. My mom keeps telling me to have patience; give it a week to see if the vine grows back. I don't know it looks really sad to me.

The previous day Friday, my mom and I were scheduled to run an 8 mile. I haven't ran any further than 6 miles so I was very nervous. The morning was pretty cool, and I was almost enjoying the fun. I got to mile 4 and thought I have no desire to do this. I told mom to run without me and I continued to walk on Lower Buckeye (the route my mom and I were taking). I tried to run again, but then i scratched my nose. Arizona is no good for anyone that has sensitive noses. The air is really dry here (unless it is a week of monsoons) so I commonly have nose bleeds. I felt my nose get really wet (kinda gross I know) and realized I'm having a nose bleed. Lets remember I was suppose to be running, so I didn't have a kleenix, nor my telephone. So i used my shirt. About mile 5 I saw my dad pass by in his truck, so i walked in that direction then I could not find him so i continued on Lower Buckeye.  About fifteen minutes later I saw my dad pass by me again! I was so sad that he did not see me. It was getting hot and I did not want to be walking 4 miles but I told my mom I would keep walking. So that is what I did. All the while thinking about a little child who was kidnapped and killed in New York while walking back from camp. I couldn't help but thinking the worst. I was about ten steps from the end point when I decided to walk towards home. Thankfully, my dad found me only a few steps after turning back.

I know that is a long story, but if you know me well you can probably imagine how scared I was. Over the weekend I thought about just doing the 5k. I still wanted to take part in all the activities for the marathon, but not sure I can run 13.1 miles. Today my mom asked what I was going to do, and I have decided I need to get back on the horse and keep training for the half. I think Melissa is right, my mom runs fast, so I am going to slow down and try 8 miles again this weekend. I'll let you know how it goes.

I think that I'm learning a lot with my new ambitions. My garden is teaching me how to have patience. The flowers need a lot of water and if I want to make it pretty it needs attention. I have found I am enjoying taking care of it but I'm also learning to have patience with the flowers. I know they will grow but on there own time. Now I just have to take what I'm learning with the flowers and practice with the people I love.

I'm also learning with my half marathon how my body works. I'm kinda a lot of work, and seem to always be a production. But with this half I'm trying to learn how to push through all those things. I guess that is called endurance. I know there is more that God is teaching me, but I haven't quite figured that out. So I'm glad to keep with the training to see what else God has in store for me.


  1. Keep on trucking through the 13.1 miles vicky wick! After the run in september we should go pig out on some ice cream. i'll keep my eyes open for a delicious looking place.

  2. Jamie and/or Megan there is a Tastee Freeze ice cream shop right by Trin at which you could treat little vicky wick and her beloved roomates.

    I don't know how to get this through your curly red hairs to reach your brain but The Zone does not have monsoons.