July 4, 2011

4th of July

Happy 4th of July to everyone.

This past weekend my mom, dad, Thys, Courtney, Daniel and I went to Lake Powell in Page, Arizona to take a break from our activities and responsibilities. I just have to say Lake Powell is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Although I have been there quite a few times in my life I am still blown away at how beautiful Lake Powell is. God did some amazing work there. We took of Friday June 31st and came back today around 5:30pm. We stayed in the hotel right by the lake, and had lake view rooms (but I have to say they were more like ramp and marina view rooms) it was not the houseboat but it was perfect for our 4 day trip.

We spent all day Saturday on the lake, exploring the canyons, and took a small hike to the Rainbow Bridge which Lake Powell is well known for. Of course we did our good share of wake boarding and skiing. I have to say the water is much calmer at Lake Powell then Lake Pleasant. I think that comes with the size of the lake. Sunday we were able to rent jet skis for half the day. I rode with Daniel, and the whole time heard "oh yeah" and "hold on." This was his first time on a jet ski and did a good job of driving but I think I was a better driver. We explored Antelope Canyon, and drove through a very wavy channel that is actually the original Colorado River. After returning the jet skis we stayed closer to the marina but was able to get some skiing and wake boarding in. My mom and dad skied which is the first this summer. I have to say I get to learn from the best. They were really good. Thys and I double wake boarded (both being pulled at the same time). Even though I got hit in the head with the rope that was really fun watching Thys jump. Daniel and Courtney were able to get up on the wake board. And I think all of us got enough sun for a while. Daniel and Thys got the most burnt, (I missed Jamie and his continuous lotion application because every time I got out of the water I had to apply more lotion). We ended the days with food and watching TV. The sun took a lot out of us but it was worth it. We learned that our faithful Mexican restaurant is no longer faithful after a couple of us did not feel well.

I learned a lot on this trip as well. For all of you who don't know much about the Grand Canyon (well I thought I knew a lot but  I guess not) there is a tribe of Indians that live at the bottom of the canyon who have set up Havasupai, which is a small town. I knew that there were places to camp but I never knew that there was a tribe that lived on the bottom of the Grand Canyon. I learned all that at breakfast this morning. I have to give credit to Daniel, I did not believe him, so I asked my parents. It was true! That was just one example of what I learned, oh John Wesley Powell discovered the lake. My dad is full of information I don't think I have absorbed it all up yet.

I had a great time this weekend. We finally had a Lake Powell trip without having someone get hurt, the boat broken, or houses being broken into. I am so grateful that our friends were able to come along. I hope this paints a small picture of my weekend I promise I will post some pictures... but for now its time to watch the Bacherolette! (Go J.P.)

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