June 28, 2011


My new ambitions this summer are to make a beautiful garden and train for a half marathon.

I have always dreamed about a beautiful garden behind my bedroom window. I have always wanted it to be full of luscious green plants and colorful flowers everywhere. I want some short of vine that makes an arch over the gate that leads into the garden.

My sister and I attempted to make that dream come true about 5 years ago, but I think I was to small to realize how much work a garden is. Now that I think about it I might still be to small. Never the less, last week I started my garden again. I even went to the Home Depot by myself and bought the kind of plants I liked. I planted them and have been watering the little guys like crazy. I hope that I won't drown them.
I have sunflower seeds, vincas, little purple plants that I'm not sure what they are called. Also seeds that my mom put in a pot that I'm also not sure what they are. But those seeds have come up, but not my sunflower seeds. I will be very sad if my sunflower seeds don't grow because those are my favorite flowers.
I like to garden, especially because this time its just mine. Of course I get help from my mom who knows pretty much everything somehow. But its nice to just take care of something and see them grow. I get very excited when I see new blooms or seeds come up through the soil. Iby am hoping that by the end of the summer my plants are still alive and look my grown in rather than like I just planted them.

My second ambition for the summer train for a half marathon.
My mom convinced me to train with her for the Chicago half marathon. Let me tell you, I question myself every time I go to the gym and run. That is  a bummer with living in Arizona, unless you like to get up at 5 am then the way to train is on a treadmill. Today was went good though, just 3 miles, I guess its not really just but on Friday I double that. I am very nervous to run 13.1 miles, but I want to achieve this goal that I have been thinking about a lot the past year. Its fun to have something to do with my mom. We do our best to run with each other. I'm pretty sure that she's going to beat me in the race. But I'm ok with that, I just want to be able to finish it.

I know that every summer I get into something new, last year it was training hard for basketball and in high school I liked to scrapbook. I hope that this summer I can really put my heart into my new ambitions and make them my hobbies.

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