July 5, 2011


So here are the pictures I promised from the past weekend. There were a lot but these give the basic idea.
This is Antelope Canyon we drove down the further it went the narrow it got. I have to say exploring canyons make me very nervous. (If any one loves JCrew like me, they did a photo shoot at Lake Powell, and my mom and I believe it was around Antelope Canyon)
This is Daniel and I on a jet ski in the middle of the channel which means it had awesome waves.

My mom and I relaxing during our lunch stop. We had ham and turkey sandwiches with chips and whatever else was in the ice box. 

That's me wake boarding!

Thys and Daniel thought it would be fun to jump off a cliff, well lets just say they walked away from it after seeing how high it really was. "Is this the same rock?" Daniel said when looking down.

Thys, Courtney, Daniel and I on a little rocky island we swam to, ( Daniel and I swam further, hence the life jackets).

Thys and I double wake boarding. I wish I had a water proof camera at that moment. I was able to see Thys jump from a side angle. It looked sweet. And I don't remember why I was laughing so much in this picture. 

We had the brilliant idea to switch sides so I could jump off my dominant foot, but I didn't squat low enough and I got hit with Thys' rope in the head. Not a good feeling at all. 

This is the group at Rainbow Bridge. Because the water level is so high we had a short walk which was great compared to the longer hikes I've taken to see the bridge in previous years. 

Daniel and I with a beautiful Lake Powell background. 
From the looks of it you might have figured out I love water sports, I love being with my family and my boyfriend. I'm so thankful we were able to go, and I hope that someday you'll be able to experience Lake Powell.

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  1. Looks like it was alot of fun! I miss you guys so much. I told jamie what you said about the sun tan lotion. he laughed. love you!