June 4, 2011

Just an update

This weekend I have been lucky enough to watch my two nephews Finn and Noah. They are so adorable. I have quickly learned that two boys is a lot of work. Finn is two so he gets frustrated when he can't communicate well, and Noah gets around so well now that he can walk. They are exhausting but I can't imagine how their mother feels after taking care of them all the time. I love them to death.

My mother, Finn, Noah and I worked on the house my mom is flipping (that means renovate a ugly house) this morning. Success has happen- my mom got a renter in the house. So that was exciting for us. My parents have been putting a lot of work into the house, which is in a really cool neighborhood and the house is old. But it looks really nice with all the work that has gone into it. It is located in uptown Phoenix which is a cool spot to live around. I hope my mom does not sell it because I keep telling her I'll buy it when I get out of college.... cross my fingers...

Other than working on the house I have been working for my mom helping her with the bookwork for the dairy. I am learning a lot so I think that'll be good for whenever I get an important job or my own bills and money to handle. Its been a good couple of weeks. I love being home. It is heating up which is the only bummer.

Hopefully I can share pictures of the next lake trip we go on. Lake Pleasant is my favorite spot to be at during summer. But until than... be safe!


  1. loved this one:) so glad you got to bond with your nephews this past weekend. thanks for helping, they are alot of work, but someday you will see how it really is the most rewarding job ever :)xoxo

  2. Thanks for defining what it means to "flip" a house. I had this image in my head of your highly athletic mother capsizing a house which I didn't doubt was possible but knew couldn't be right. I am also glad to hear that someone in interested in buying a home in front of which human excrement has previously been dropped. Those are some impressive selling skills your mom has. Take notes VVH.