May 26, 2011

Week with the Friends

I was very blessed to have Abby and Rochelle at my house for a week. Yup they flew all the way from Iowa to Arizona aka the Zone to hang out without any homework or school stress. So here's a look at our week.
We joined my Dad and Mom for dinner but before we took pictures in my backyard with the Arizona cacti 
We shopped around at the Scottsdale Mall before our drive in movie

My Dad let us borrow his truck so we could watch Soul Surfer at my local  drive in theater 

On Wednesday my brother took us to Lake Pleasant which is my favorite summer spot.  Sadly, it was the one of the five days of the year that it rained. It wasn't the perfect lake day but we still had fun. I even got in the water to wake board. 

Thursday, we took the 4 hour drive to the Grand Canyon. Rochelle made up a song on our way up that consisted of "I'm going to see a big hole in the ground". I think she was surprised to see how big it was. We hiked a little on a trail  and ate our packed lunch and stood in awe of God's awesome creation. 

God's beautiful creation 

They are champs!

Next we drove to Slide Rock in Sedona Arizona. Other than 2 other ladies we were the only ones in the water. The snow is melting so the water was very cold but we had to slide down rocks. Ha ask the girls what they imagined Slide Rock to be. I think it was very different than what they thought. 
Here we are sliding down rocks, most likely hyperventilating at this time.  

My nephew Dean graduated Kindergarten on Friday. His sister (my niece) loved Abby and Rochelle and sat by us during the ceremony. She is quite the character but I love her so much. He graduated in the same church I graduated Kindergarten. Crazy! Lets just say I felt old that night.

We finished the night on Mill Ave in Tempe. Its mostly for 21 year olds but there is a lot of interesting people. This man allowed Rochelle to play the drums with him. He loved her so much, and thought she was very good. (Along with all the boys on the street). It was fun to watch my friend do what she loves. 

I am so thankful they made the trip out to visit me. I will hold these memories forever.
Thank you Abby and Rochelle


  1. That was the sickest trip of my life VVH. There's approximately 1,000 other things you could've mentioned from this sick nasty week but your recap is quite accurate. When people ask me how my trip was (which mind you is everyone who knows me. Between me and my parents the whole world knows I flew on a plane and wants to know how I handled it) I tell them how much closer I feel to you guys after our time together and how glad I am that I have you both. Magic happens in the Zone.

  2. Sounds like you guys had a fantastic week! So glad you guys were able to come and see beautiful Arizona!