May 15, 2011

Decker Floor Pictures

Here are some of my favorite pictures of the year
 Family picture time
 We celebrated Anna's birthday at her sisters house made dinner and played games. Also sock slide on the floor!
 Christmas white elephant gift exchange party... Did you get your stuff back yet Rochelle?
 Ice skating downtown
 Shed Aquarium free days are the best
 I saw the play Wicked with Abby's mom and grandma. Dessert at the Cheesecake Factory follwed
 Daniel made the long distance relationships a little easier by visiting me. We went to Bucktown for my birthday on this trip. 
 Rochelle, Stacie, Ellen and I met Beth Decker in her apartment downtown. She is out floor sponsor.
 Suit 114 Pictures... We are posing for the sports we played... great form Justine

 Last freshman D.C's visit. Like always it was a blast
This picture represents our relationship. Rochelle telling us how to pose, Abby just laughing at everything, and I'm rolling my eyes. We do it out of love though. I couldn't had made it without these girls. 


  1. So glad you made such good friends - always makes things a little easier. At first I thought that the picture of you all posing for the sports you played was you playing "Ninja" ;-)

  2. Following your fantastic blog is one way to get all the pictures I want. Or you could e-mail them to me as I requested...
    Decker Floor man. Now there's something to cry about. I know we're all coming back to Trin next year but Decker Floor is dead. Just keepin it real. I hope we can still hang out and go dancing and stuff next year. I hope our freshmen dorm graduate friends don't forget about us in the depths of South Hall. Only time will tell. Twas a good year.