May 15, 2011

Decker Floor

Dear Decker Floor,
I just want to take a second to thank all of you for the amazing year. I was very nervous about coming to Trinity and living with girls I did not know. I am so thankful God put me in South Hall but He blessed me even more by putting me on Decker Floor. It was so hard for me to be away from my family, but I soon realized that I had a family of girls on my hall. I could see the friendships develop quickly and I was nervous I would not fit in. I had awesome suite mates that made me feel so welcomed when my roommate left room. My suite mates were there for me when I was very homesick and I am so glad we have become such close friends. I will always remember my freshman year on Decker Floor. You all have made my first year so much easier and I could not have done it without you.

So here are some of my favorite memories:

  • My first encounter with Rochelle. I interviewed her for my journalism class, and I got Melissa and Megan on tape yelling something. 
  • The first snowfall on Trinity's campus. Abby, Justine, and I shut off the lights and watched the snow. I off course was super excited so I managed to fall of Abby's which lead to hitting the desk and having all her belongings fall on me.
  • Rochelle's need to announce herself with a Baby Mama noise. Then a sad mimic from Megan RA that always follows. 
  • Ice skating downtown with Megan and Abby
  • Ice sliding on the creek and Justine and Melissa's crazy idea to walk on underneath the road. I don't think I have ran faster when the ice cracked. And I know I did not stop fast enough! (aka I had a big bruise after that fall)
  • Hiding the Pizza Pizzaz from Chris and Megan RA. But the late night pizza allowed me to gain weight but enjoy 'actual get to know' time with everyone without the homework
  • Getting to know suite 111 and realizing that Kirsten and Sarah were not living in that room. Suit 111 have awesome girls living there and even a ginger who has a soul (love you Stace!)
  • The night when we tried hiding from Matt. Chick flicks never fail.
  • Finding out about D.C's and dancing with my Decker Floor ladies. 
There are so many more memories that I can not think of right now. I am sure I will during the summer and I will post them when they come to me. I hope that you all have an awesome summer, at camp, work, with the family and I'm sure there is some summer love growing. This is my facebook so I will keep in touch this way. 

Be safe

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  1. Favorite part of this post= "Be safe"

    Shoot son, VIctoria Noelle Van Hofwegen always ALWAYS looking out for others. Decker floor would not have been the same without you. You brought so much positivity to every situation which I definitely needed considering I tend to over-dramaticize a little to say the least. Being in Downers Grove with my home friends requires me, the responsible older female of the group, to be the organizer/planner. I do not know how you do it VVH but I'm glad you do. Decker floor is glad you do. Thanks for a great year and a great start to the summer. See you in fourteen weeks :)