May 2, 2011

It is the last week of normal school and I am very happy about that. My classes seem to drag on longer than they normally do. I have a 7 page biology paper to finish up and create a 10 minute presentation on. Then start studying for my finals. Two exams are a paper and a test and the other three I just have to study a lot for. So pretty much I will be spending a lot of my time the next 2 weeks in the library. Which I am ok with, I do get a lot done there. Don't have a lot going on other then that... my weekend was eventful though...

Saturday I did Love Palos, and event put on by student activities to serve the community of Palos Heights. After that I did some homework in the library and spent the rest of my dad at a carnival on campus. I rode a mechanical bull a couple times. It was a lot of fun. I want one for my next birthday party. Then I went to a gospel choir concert at night. I was planning on just relaxing in my room for a while after I got back from the concert. That was until I heard "UGH VICTORIA."

I walked out of my room and saw one of my friends with a bloody hand and a bucket filling with the blood. I looked at it and said we need to go to the hospital (ok to be honest my very first thought was "is that kool-aid?)  After about 30 minutes of convincing my friend that she needed to go to the E.R. we finally got there and my friend ended up with 5 stitches due to cutting herself on class. 
After we got back from the E.R. and dessert for my roommate/friend's birthday I was able to get to bed around 2 a.m. I look back and cherish the moment that I had with my friends we were prayed together after the eventful night. I think that one thing I have learned in the past year is the importance of Christian community and the willingness of other people to pray for and with you. I am so thankful I have friends that love God and are not afraid to show it. I am even thankful  for the conversation in the car ride back from dessert. I have friends that wonder about the things I wonder about, and I am glad I can talk about it with them.


  1. haha you thought it was kool aid?! how did she cut herself? miss you vicky wick. keep blogging. i like reading your blog.
    love you!!

  2. havent read your blog in a while so i had alot of catching up to do:) can't wait till you are home for summer! rochelle's comment was funny on the easter post: so much sun in the pictures she doesn't understand :) ha!

  3. It definitely was not kool-aid. It was a lot of yucky, smelly, bubbly blood that I never want to see in such proportions again. That's the last time I pick a fight with a grizzly.