May 6, 2011

Exam weekend

It was the last day of normal school today. I have to say it did not feel like it at all. I think knowing that I have/get to study for my exams all weekend makes me not feel like its the weekend.

Tonight I got to go to Oven Grinders Pizza with the Camp family- family friends. It was such a nice feeling to be with a family again (they have 3 young children). Abby and I went downtown with them and enjoyed a fun car ride down there- Mr. Camp is a crazy driver but it was still fun. I think any normal food is delicious but this place is great!

Abby and I were supposed to do homework when we got back, but that didn't happen. We just turned on the Notebook, and I will be out very shortly. I bought some summer shorts online so I am mentally ready for summer. Just have 5 exams left and lots of packing to do then I will be home. I get to see Daniel in a 6 days and it is going to be the best Thursday I have had in a long time. I get to be home with my family and be with Daniel.

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  1. You mean u drove w mr camp to oven grinders without a major accident occurring? He is crazy! :)