April 19, 2011

Rainy Days

The past few days it has been so rainy and sad. Like i said earlier Saturday was rainy all day and again today. Rainy days just make me want to sit inside all day long in my pj's read a good book or watch movies. Especially here, I feel like the rain in Arizona makes it warmer but here it gets super cold. I called my mom on Saturday and told her it was rainy. She said doesn't that make you want to bake all day. Yes that is correct I do so bad! But one down side to living in dorms is you can't bake. So when I go home for Easter break I hope to bake. Also its always my luck that whenever I straighten my hair, it will rain the next day. Today was no different. So curly hair the rest of the year for sure.

Today, Trinity cancels classes for the afternoon and has a huge event called Opus. So far what I have gotten from it, is people making presentations about their school work, interims, and other random stuff. If you go to a presentation you get put into a raffle, and can win some big stuff. Like $500 off tuition, and ID replacements and other various things. Pretty soon I am going to my friends presentation about her interim trip to Peru, her sister also is presenting on her stay in Peru for 3 months. So I am excited to hear about that trip, because it will get me imaging about my trip to Ecuador. I am also looking forward to Outcry in the tent outside tonight. I think that will be really cool.

2 more days until I am home. I cannot wait to see my family... and go Easter dress shopping, cross my fingers my mom will want to come with.


  1. lol...I never could figure out exactly what OPUS was...whatever it is, it got us out of class for the day:) We're excited to have you home too:)

  2. haha. yea, and all i knew about OPUS is that you got free food, like cotton candy!!!!!!!!

    baking friday!!