April 17, 2011

The Weekend

This weekend was really relaxing. I had the perfect amount of fun and productiveness. Saturday was rainy all day so that made me not want to do anything. I was able to finish some homework, and then spend some time at Target with Rochelle and my friend down the hall Megan. Hall Council put on a karaoke event at night. Megan and I were in charge of it. I had a lot of fun, Decker floor (the floor I live on) sang Baby by Justin Bieber and ate popcorn and MnM's. The event went for two hours then right after a group of 5 girls went to D.Cs again. Ok I officially love that place.

Sunday I went to church and went to lunch, Red Robin, with a friends family. I was suppose to study the whole afternoon but that didn't happen because I took a nap. It added up to be 2 hours of sleep but not continually. I did laundry, and worked out. Then I spent the night in the library studying for my Biology test tomorrow. It is on solid waste, recycling, water quality and availability. Fun stuff! O this is environmental science, so on Friday I had the great pleasure of cutting down invasive species in the forest on campus, while it was raining, for 2.5 hours! What a great time.

I am happy that I got a relaxing and fun weekend. I get to look forward to going home on Thursday. I can't wait to see my family and be with them on Easter, and wear an Easter dress!

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