April 27, 2011

Easter Weekend

I had the blessed opportunity to go home for Easter break. My break was longer than most everyones because I don't have school on Tuesday. It was so nice to go home and be with the family. Here are some pictures of the long weekend:
 Both of these pictures are at my parents 30 year anniversary party that the girls in the family put on. It was a beautiful night. I am thankful to hear my siblings and parents talk about what a joy marriage is, its so different than what the world says about marriage. They all are my inspiration and models for whenever I get married. 

 Before the Easter service my church had a breakfast outside. The service was outside to, and I some how managed to get burnt on my arms!
 Above are Alex and Kayla who I taught preschool Bible lessons to during the service. I love getting their hugs when i visit. 
And Addy! I love her so very much. It was so much fun coloring eggs with her and all my nephews. The girl found $5 in one of her plastic eggs she found in the house, but was so nice she gave it to her brother. Wonder what the world would be like if we all treated money like her. She is such a princess. I can't believe she is 4 already. 

My weekend at home was great. Today, I was able to get lunch with my mom and shop a little. Even though I am back in my dorm and its still Tuesday it feels like a whole week away that I was with my mom. I think that it is going to be easier to adjust being back at Trinity because I only have 9 school days left, and 2.5 weeks up here (try to figure that one out). Then I get to be back home, with Daniel, with my family and for one week with my friends. Thats when Arizona will fully feel like home again. 

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  1. There is so much sun in these pictures. I just don't understand it.