April 8, 2011

Laugh out loud

Friday! Its always a good day, no matter what the weather, no matter what is in the caf, its a good day because the weekend is so close. Today was especially good because I only had 3 of my 5 classes. I was able to run outside tonight to. It was a little tough because I haven't ran outside in a very long time. I thought I would put my nice sweats and running shirt to good use. (Thanks mom and dad). Line-dancing in South Lobby and Art Raid were my activities tonight. I have just sat down to watch "How to Train a Dragon." Not going to lie, its not the same with Abby missing. She laughs at everything in movies.

Laughing... isn't it a great thing. I always think about it. Every person has such a different laugh. Small laughs that are hardly heard and laughs that are heard through the walls. I was in the bathroom and heard Rochelle laugh. Its cool to hear people laugh but not knowing what they are laughing about. She is always making other people laugh, so when she laughs you know that something was funny.

I miss hearing my family's laugh. My mom especially. It is the coolest thing to hear her laugh when my dad says something funny. My dad still have some good jokes, after almost 30 years he is still making her laugh. What great love that is. And Daniel- every once and a while I get a deep laugh from him. I can tell how much he cares for me when he laughs like that. I miss these laughs a lot, but when I am with the people I love I appreciate the laughs so much more.

Finally, I'd have to say the greatest thing in the entire world would be making Jesus laugh when I get to meet him in heaven, Even if it was just a small chuckle how cool would that be! Really, God made us, he put his own breath in us, how awesome would it be to be making our creator laugh. I cannot imagine.

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  1. Love this and love your laugh! See you on Easter weekend!