April 8, 2011

"Mighty to Save"

Thursdays... they are interesting. Normally I have lab from 9:30 to however long our lab takes. Today I got out at 11:30 after testing how long daphina (a organism that is closely related to crap or shrimp), can survive in polluted water. my water had bleach in it. The full 5mL (i think it was) of bleach killed the daphina on contact. For the first time this year I had to use my brain for math, and I was quickly reminded how much I did not like math in high school.

After lab I ate lunch, which was pasta and vegetables, pretty decent for our caf food. Then I had to go to a Orthodox church for my theology class. We were taught by the priest there about their traditions and beliefs They believe a lot in  praying to the saints. The church is painted beautifully, at first I was uncomfortable, the smell of the incense gave me a headache, but being made uncomfortable was good for me because I was able to understand and think about their traditions in the church. My question is, are these people saved? Will I see them in heaven?

After the church visit I had another struggle with summer classes, finally told myself not to stress about it, and worked out a little. I then picked up girls who are visiting the school, its called hosting. I've been hanging out with them and was able to get dinner with Abby's grandparents. They are a blessing in my life for sure, I get so much joy when I am with them. After dinner I had a hall council meeting, and planned a lip sync night and line dancing for tomorrow!

Outcry was tonight like always on Thursday nights. Rochelle played, which not going to lie makes it a little harder to worship when you want to watch your friend play. But i was reminded that I can just sing the words of the songs, and it doesn't mean that I am worshiping. I need to have my full attention in what I am singing. The words don't mean anything to God if I don't mean them. Its good to be reminded because this week has been kinda crazy --leaving Daniel's school and having to get back to being use to not seeing him has been hard. Trying to figure out summer classes has been overwhelming along side making a schedule for next semester. My body can't decide if its getting sick or not, so frustration with that has come up. I needed the reminder that God is mighty, he saves me, and takes all my worries away from me. I think the song is called "Mighty to Save". It always gets to me.

And now I will fall asleep to my roommates favorite show, Friends. I will wake up to FRIDAY!! I cannot wait for the weekend... until then.

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