April 11, 2011

Hey Ya'll

The past weekend was a lot of fun. My friends and I took a drive out to Indiana and went to a place called D.C. Its a line dancing place, in a barn. So now doubt were there true cowboys with their Wranglers, flannel, and cowboy boots. I give props to the true line dancing folks, some of them were really good. It was almost as fun to watch them as it was to try my best at figuring out the steps. After awhile we got a hang out it, but it was so much fun just to be able to think I know how to line dance. We stayed at my friend, Allison's house Saturday night and went to church and had a real Sunday Dinner. God gave us great weather to enjoy Sunday  so after we came back Abby joined us and went to Lake Kathryn across the street. Our goal was to do homework, but who was I kidding, I took a nap! 

 Rochelle and I ready for line dancing, we did our best to look the part.

Allison, Rochelle and I waiting for another friend so we could go to D.C.
 My friends after church taking advantage of the beautiful picture weather

Abby and I enjoying the beautiful weather at Lake Kathryn. 

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  1. So funny to hear you talking about going to DC's...that was the cool place to go back in my day too:) Looks like the weather's beautiful, enjoy!!