April 13, 2011

"No Class Tuesdays"

Rochelle has labeled Tuesdays as that, and that means that even though I do not have class I get to be in the library all day. Today I was fortunate to just spend 3 hours there but was still productive. I could not stand being in side while the sun was shinning.

I had story hour today, and the same little boy who asked me who is the queen if Jesus is the King last week, asked me another hard question. It was in the realm of "how did he rise from the dead" (I taught on Jesus dying on the cross and rising again). That little boy has good questions, but it is really hard to explain the whole gospel story to a three year old. I did my best, but I don't think he fully understood.

Rochelle, my friend down the hall Stacie, and I went for a walk after dinner. Its never just a normal walk around the park with Rochelle though. This time we had a couple 13 to 15 year olds ask us for marijuana, and a cigarette. It is so sad to think that these kids actually think its cool to just ask for that stuff. I do not want to think about if they really do that stuff. Its sad what our world is becoming to. Rochelle kept saying they are going to be men of God when they grow up. And the crazy thing is, they really could be. I know God does those kinds of things so they might actually be.

I made sure to enjoy today, I am often caught in wanting the next day to come so that the weekend or my next trip can come quicker. But if I keep wishing for the weekend I will not have anymore weekends to spend with my friends here. I see a post-it note on my roommates desk everyday, its says "making the most of every situation". I am learning to make the most of everyday because soon this day will be over and the next day will be upon me. I will have forgotten to be content with the current day and treasure all the blessings around me.

I concluded the day with a workout, cereal and skyping with Daniel. I don't think my night could have gotten any better... OK maybe a back massage from my mom, Megan's workouts always seem to kick my butt...

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  1. i love your blog. glad to hear the workouts are still kicking your butt! can't wait to see you. keep up the great attitude vickywick!